I will change jobs and quit working remotely.

I decided to quit working remotely.
I will move to Tokyo.
I started my job at February 2017, and had worked remotely for 1.5 years.
It was challenging days, and I could got special colleagues.
I really appreciate at all.
I miss working remotely, but I decided stop it.
I really love it, but it has some weakness.

Unmatch of communication speed

Everyone has their own communication pace.
When we talk at Slack, or any other tools,
our conversation speed must follow for most slowest person.
People who reply fastly expect others to reply fastly.
So, it may be stress for them.

Difficult at greeting and chatting

It’s very important have greeting and chatting for all teams.
Especially, we must create software together and we should have strong teamwork.
I think that team that works with teammates like playing with frineds can do great stuffs.
Casual greeting and chatting helps it.
We shouldn’t be afraid of taking feedback each other.

Working remotely is great way to decrease our stress.
I felt few stress for these days and love it.
I want to write about working together and difference of them some time soon.